Yu Jin  (金宇)

I am a master student at BUPT, supervised by Prof. Chunlu Wang and Prof. Pengfei Qiu. In my last year of undergraduate, I was a research intern at Megvii Research, advised by Dr. Su Wang and managed by Mr. Xinyu Zhou. Before that, I finished my graduation internship at Alibaba Group. Previously, I completed my B.S. in Computer Science at Wuhan University of Technology.

My research interests now mainly focus on Microarchitecture security, including speculative execution and side-channel attacks on x86-64 chips. Familiar with modern x86-64 microarchitecture and optimization. I was previously engaged in Machine learning, including infrastructure for ML/CV using PyTorch. Last but not least, I have full-stack development ability using JavaScript.

I am looking for Ph.D. program in Fall 2025, plz contact me if u have a suitable position!

Contact: lambda DOT jinyu AT gmail DOT com


* means student



Teaching Assistant

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